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They might not answer your calls but they will chase you for debt.

We have noticed a large increase in debt collection notices from agents working on behalf of HMRC. Unfortunately many businesses struggle with debts owed to the revenue and we have been very successful in helping clients deal with HMRC. The revenue have decided that rather than spending money improving their helplines they are hiring more and more debt collection agencies.

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Fed up of trying to contact HMRC? Let us do it!

It’s well documented that for many people the struggle to get answers to important tax queries from the revenue is burden as they do not have the time to sit by the phone on hold. Here at CLC not only do we have tax advisors with many years of experience, we also have a dedicated HMRC helpline meaning we can get answers to your tax questions quickly. The article below shows the increasing number of people struggling to get in contact with HMRC.

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